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ALEXIA COLEY: Drive Me Wild (2014) + video

Drive Me Wild Alexia Coley[RATING: 5] More excellence from Alexia Coley in the shape of the latin-horns flavoured northern soul of Drive Me Wild. She gets tingles deep inside according to the lyrics, which is what you’ll get when you hear it this too. Comes in Lack Of Afro and Skeewiff flavours too. The former goes in softly-softly before ditching the doo-wop percussion and unleashing something a little funkier while the latter resists the temptation to go too latin-large and plays up the doo-wop feel with some ‘ahh-woo’s a bit instead. And there are no complaints about that round this way. Dancetastic video with romantic ending below and the humble Juno player below that…
(Out 15 September on Jalapeno Records)

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