ALEXANDER KOROSTINSKY: Altin MaskeHere’s Altin Maske then, the second single to be lifted from the the debut solo 45 by Alexander Korostinsky. Second single ‘lifted from a 45’? Yeah – I know, I thought that was weird too, I mean surely if both tracks are on the 45, that’s one single, right? Is it a nod to the digital era? Is it a double A-side? Is it because there’s another video for this one? One thing’s for certain, it’s every bit as dope as Bones Of God, i.e. the Turkish psych-funk effort on the other side of the vinyl 7″ teased last month. More of the same then? Well, kind of. This one’s a slower, arguably more intense affair though none the less cinematic in scope and a highly evocative piece of music. How to represent it in the audio visual medium though? I reckon a grainy retro affair featuring some Anatolian puppetry should be just the ticket…
(Pre-order now/ Out 17 June on Record Kicks)

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