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HARDLY SUBTLE: Hardly Subtle EP 1 (2011)

Hot on the heels of his Party Breaks EP Vol 2 there’s tell of a mighty new mashed-up breaks collection from Signor Aldo Vanucci and his amico Remix Dave (not his real name one suspects) of Bristol, a.k.a. Hardly Subtle. For some reason ‘Hardly Subtle’ sounds to me a bit like one of those public schoolboy names – you know – like ‘Strangely Brown’ or something – in fact the two of them were inseparable – used to fag for the head boy and play ‘soggy biscuit’ after ‘lights-out’ but bought it during the first battle of the Somme…In contrast (and luckily for us), the four tracks hereon sound like a massive salvo of breaks all set to cause devastation on club dancefloors primed as they are with chopped and spliced elements of the Wiseguys, Marlena Shaw, King Bee and Nas – to name but a few. I figured if I ended it like that it might sound like I know all the elements involved but couldn’t be bothered to elucidate further. I don’t of course but I do know this is a weapon you want in your wax arsenal.

Hardly Subtle EP 1 by Hardly Subtle

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