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AESOP ROCK: Zero Dark Thirty (2012) video + free download

Formerly on Def Jux, Aesop Rock used to release slightly menacing underground future-hop with impenetrable rhymes. He disappeared about five years ago and suddenly re-surfaced earlier this month (now on Rhymesayers) with Zero Dark Thirty – a slightly menacing slice of undergound future-hop with impenetrable rhymes. And here’s the video. In it we find our man huddled on the floor of something resembling a derelict retail store spitting stream of consciousness flows over what sounds like James Brown’s Funky Drummer beat played on metal dustbin lids. Simultaneously, shadowy time-lapsed graffiti artists spray abstract murals behind Mr Rock which are presumably intended to represent whatever it is he’s rapping about. Three minutes later I was none the wiser lyrically but it was good enough to watch again and this time I pretended there was a man on the other side of the wall with some drumsticks, a couple of metal dustbins and a big cheesy grin on his face. New LP Skelethon is out 10 July this year. Check the video below and soundcloud player below that for your free DL if you missed it before…

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