AE3: Black Rider

AE3: Black Rider[RATING: 5] Bloody hellfire! Stand by for the heavyweight psych-funk-fuzz on AE3 a.k.a Alan Evans Trio’s new single Black Rider. Oh what – Alan Evans – as in the Soullive sticksman? Yes, that Alan Evans. Turns out it’s drummer-man Evans himself on vocals and this is the only vocal track on forthcoming LP The Wild Root. The only vocal track? On the evidence of this, he should have made them all vocal tracks. Perhaps an animated video then? Maybe one that uses visuals characterised by the ‘Ben Day dots’ of vintage comics, visually evokes Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas‘s Mint 400 desert motorcycle race and somehow perfectly captures the Hush-era Deep Purple-climbing-into-bed-with-Shuggie Otis vibe of the track itself. Yes – that should do it!
(Out now on Vintage League Music)

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