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ADIDAS SKATE: Spring 2009 Collection

Here is a timely reminder (as if it were needed) that Adidas drop some of the dopest footwear in existence. It is also a reminder that the fact that you produce dope footwear is not a guarantee that you will produce dope clothing. I first saw pics of the kicks below last summer, so you just know that Adidas have already got a summer and autumn 2009 range in the starting blocks and probably a winter 2010 one too. There are a couple more colourways on the new look Adidas Skateboarding site in blues and whites which suggest they might have twigged that subtlety sells better than some of the more ‘experimental’ (read uglier than the back end of the back end of a particularly garish bus) colourways of recent years. As for the Gonz stuff, he clearly feels that 1989 was a real high point in skate fashion. As someone who remembers what say – Christian Hosoi and Mark Antony Gator were wearing at the time I can clarify that the only way in which the words ‘1989’ and ‘high point in skate fashion’ would come together in the same sentence is in the sentence ‘1989 was not a high point in skate fashion.’

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