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ACEYALONE: ‘Leanin On Slick’ single & album update (2013)

(Full album review HERE) Heads up, Aceyalone’s back next month in fine style with a thirteen track LP, Leanin On Slick which only features Cee-Lo Green, BIONIK and Daniel Merriweather! For those not up to speed with Acey, let’s put it like this: he used to rap in West Coast underground legends Freestyle Fellowship and dropped one of the best freestyle deliveries I ever saw, acapella, on Kevin Fitzgerald’s 2000 documentary, Freestyle: The Art Of Rhyme. The title track and first single from the forthcoming album sees our man holding it down over a loose funk loop about blaming old Nick a.k.a. ‘Slick’ for all the smoking, drinking and fornicating that you’ve been doing. Now I’d say that’s what you might call sympathy for the devil…

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