ABRAM & NESTOR: Four Minutes Of Funk/ NESTOR ALVAREZ: EL Trombonista (Vinyl 7″)

ABRAM & NESTOR: Four Minutes Of FunkYes, nearly five minutes has gone by without a new 45 from the Original Gravity label dropping but you won’t catch them asleep. And so, before that metaphorical five minutes has fully elapsed, here they are again with two slices of Latin funk heat. Appropriately enough, the first of these is Abram & Nestor’s Four Minutes Of Funk which to nobody’s surprise turns out to be an approximately four minute-long track that will very capably get parties started from here to Spanish Harlem. It’s also all about the organ. The second, Nestor Alvarez’ El Trombonista, is very much about the trombone – again probably to no astonishment whatsoever, though you’re at least as likely to notice the rest of the horns coming on in a very JBs-ish manner before ever the trombone makes its entrance.
(Out now on Original Gravity Records)

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