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810’s from Baltimore, home of The Wire and he kicks it like that too by dropping quality good shit. With more rhymes than Avon Barksdale done crimes he’s been working with producer Mydus who’s knocked up some soulful loops and clean beats that aren’t trying to sound like Kanye and Lupe, though the end results might have those two a little worried when imminent LP Supply & Demand comes out. Judging by the tracks available here (all of which will appear on that release) you’ll be demanding and 810’ll be supplying.

Download – 810 – Here We Go Again Prod. By Mydus

Download – 810 – Bill Gates Prod. By Mydus

Download – 810 – Pay Day Prod. By Mydus

Download – 810 – Where U Been Prod. By Mydus

Download – 810 – Whatever Prod. By Mydus

810 – Myspace

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