Welcome to Zenit Incompatible‘s new Ruffneck EP where the first track finds him living in a ghetto funk paradise and illuminating proceedings with a measure of MC Lyte. He follows this up by taking the roof off Eminem’s Till I Collapse, ‘inna ghetto funk stylee’, before stepping aside for compadre DJ Trashtray to get breaks-dirty on the remix. All well and good but one can’t help feeling that this should have been called the ‘Keep My Light EP’ since the last track is the standout. Zenit’s got a mean ear for a vintage sample and in this case he takes advantage of the hook from what sounds like Ben Vereen’s version of Motown hit, “I’ll Keep My Light In My Window” and comes up trumps with the eminently catchy “Keep My Light” for that special hands in the air feeling.
(Out 14 June on Breakbeat Paradise)

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