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ZENIT INCOMPATIBLE: Lovely Breaks EP (2013)

Lovely breaks eh? A weekend for two in Prague. Three days in Amsterdam with the boys. Or girls. Easter at the…what? Not those sort of breaks? What kind of breaks the-…oh. Right. Zenit Incompatible. What’s he not compatible with then? Presumably not the dancefloor as this EP would suggest he’s got that wired with a heady mixture of pounding breaks and manipulated sixties rnb/ soul divas. Never Gonna Give You Up (no, not the fucking Rick Astley abortion) becomes a pumping slice of dark disco, Baby I’m Yours a hypnotic wobble-fest and The Archies Sugar Sugar a thumping end-of-night, too-drunk-to-fuck, lean-on-a-stranger-and-tell-them-you-love-them-stomper. We’ve all been there.
(Out now on Mustbeat)

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