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ZEMERALD: Sucker Punch Dance (2015) Free download + video

Sucker Punch Zemerald[RATING: 5] It’s that Zemerald booty time again! This time it’s in the form of funky b-boy breaks which takes as its basis The Mandatory Eight’s horns-rich Sucker Punch and seasons with a pinch of Salt N Pepa for the street flava of Sucker Punch Dance. Talking of ‘street flavour’, there’s plenty of fisticuffs on the accompanying video which features all manner of idiots brawling. I remember my mate Bri (who knows about these kind of things) once said of being sucker-punched, “expect to be hit hard at least three times before you can respond.” Not that that’s going to help you if a big fist comes calling – but at least you’ll know that Bri was right. Cop it below. The track not a punch…

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