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ZEDS DEAD: Rudeboy (DJ MONEYSHOT 110 edit) free download

In which Roy ‘Moneyshot’ Spencer re-imagines Canuck beatheads Zed’s Dead’s Rudeboy as something you can actually dance to. What with the original track being essentially a 70 bpm chunk of wobbly trip-hop a certain amount of speed (velocity not the drug) would seem to be a key ingredient for success. Enter the Moneyshot at 110 bpm (hence the re-edit name) to make things faster and, in conjunction with doing a cheeky messaround with the rhythm section, considerably ruder, inna ‘ghettofunk’ stylee. He invites you to consider what it might sound like to place your head inside a stadium-grade bassbin with a hangover whilst being spanked all over by naked exotic dancers. Or maybe that was just my dream from this morning. Chek! N.b. Click the down arrow in the soundcloud player to download, soundcloud virgins.
Zed’s Dead – Rudeboy (DJ Moneyshot 110 Edit) by DJ-Moneyshot
Zeds Dead : Rudeboy : Original & Remixes by San City High Records

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