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WOXOW feat. AWON: Can’t See Myself (Vinyl 7″)

WOXOW feat. AWON:  Can't See Myself [RATING: 5] As he beavers away on his next EP, Italian producer Woxow has found time and been kind enough to knock you out a couple of sureshot hip-hop cuts ‘while-u-wait,’ as it were. That’ll be his Can’t See Myself / Mo’ Gems 45 then. The former provides NY emcee Awon the perfect summery boom-bap beat (on a ‘funky country soul’-influenced tip!) over which he encourages you to count your blessings despite the lemons (and oranges, if you count Trump, who Awon possibly alludes to) that life sees fit to throw at you. Having got you movin’, groovin’ and properly chilled he then lays you back even more on the flip with the woozy, stoner groove of the latter track where Blacc El is employed on slightly more stream-of-conscious mic detail. Out on 48 gram, high quality wax too!
(Out now on Little Beat More Records)

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