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WILL C: Losers – 2009 – Single review

[rating: 5]

Love it or hate it, (more often than not, we love it) Bostonian hip-hop has it’s big underground names – Mr Lif, Dagha, Edan, 7L & Esoteric and now you can add Will C to the list. Losers (the debut single off soon come debut LP Evil In The Mirror update + tracklist HERE) is a chilled summery boom-bap groove wherein we find Will having a pop at others for being losers, and then, suddenly, in a moment of terrible existential crisis pondering whether it is not, he, after all, who is the loser. He’s clearly not, of course, otherwise I wouldn’t be giving this the giant big-ups. Equally fresh B-side (well, I say B-side – sadly you’ll have to press this yourself if you want it on vinyl) finds Will and the aforementioned Esoteric doing more what you might call ‘krush-grooving’. Hot shit indeed. Chek!

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