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WILL C: ‘Ancient Spirit’ video + ‘Omega Supreme Soundwave’ trailer (2014)

Ancient Spirit Omega Will CShortly to be entering the outer rappersphere after a lengthy sojourn in the fourth dimension with Brian Wilson is none other than Will C everybody. The Boston emcee/ producer’s twin obsessions of filtering the eighties through a psychedelic prism and delivering distorted rap vocals have survived the journey, you’ll be pleased to hear, which means the prospect of a new LP is rather exciting. Apparently he knocked Omega Supreme Soundwave out in a fortnight after a couple of years of not writing anything which suggests a rest is as good as – er – well a rest, really. The video to Ancient Spirit comes on like a mash-up of Terry Gilliam’s Monty Python animations and paintings by Brueghel. If that hasn’t got enough yellowing home footage of the C household from three decades ago for you though – try out the album video trailer which blends such footage with our man Will live on stage. Through all sorts of trippy filters though, obviously…

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