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WILL C: Almost Summer EP (2012) Free download + video

It’s almost summer and Bostonian rapper/ producer Will C is more excited than a kid with a new bucket and spade as he follows up trippy Beach Boys-raiding instrumental LP Adieu Or Die with the Almost Summer EP. Almost summer? It might be ‘almost summer’ in Boston. Try living at the arse end of the gulfstream mate – it’s a fucking weather lottery over here at the moment – and the number that’s come up most frequently in the last fortnight is March. Chuck on this summer-delic slice of hip-hop though and you can almost forget the freezing rainy gloom of this year’s June in the UK – Will’s back to rapping on them beats and Almost Summer is redolent of baking heat rising off the blacktop in all the really good summers you remember from childhood.

Chilled instro Banana & Louie segues neatly into single and gorgeous soul-fied summer groove Almost Summer. Metal Flake Paint is a cicada-and-movie-dialogue-haunted instro that practically comes with its own portable mirage and the last three bumps are straight-up true-school tributes to Will’s (and my) favourite season. Imagine fellow Bostonian Edan has been listening to his old ATCQ albums on heavy rotation whilst watching Big Wednesday and Lords Of Dogtown and you’ll have a broad idea of what this EP evokes before you’ve even heard it. And the good news doesn’t end there as this is billed as a prelude to Eli’s Prism. New Will C album ahoy…

Cop the rather good Almost Summer EP off the player below:

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