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WICKED DEVIL/ SANDY BALLS: Boom!/ Superman – 2009 – 7” review

[rating: 5]

Here’s a cheeky pair of reggae-inflected remix/ mash-up thingies from Wicked Devil and Sandy Balls (insert gag here) that come highly recommended by mash-up king J-Star and remixer The Magic Fly. Interestingly, The Magic Fly and Wicked Devil are one and the same so he’s basically endorsing himself. Now that is cheeky. And, while I’m as sceptical of self-praise as the next man, I’ve actually heard the track in question – basically a genius dub-reggae reworking of the pop-shit that was The Black-Eyed Peas’ recent single, Boom, Boom, Pow. The man has not so much polished a turd as burnished one so brightly it can now be seen from Mars. So he must be feeling pretty good, the smug bastard. Then there’s Sandy Balls who drops a breakbeat-reggae banger with female vocals that’ll have them skankin in the aisles. Here’s to WD40 records. Squirt some of that inside your ears.
Out 17 September on WD40 Records

Listen to Wicked Devil – Boom/ Sandy Balls – Superman

Wicked Devil – Myspace

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