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WHIRLWIND D: Without Music (feat. MICALL PARKNSUN) b/w Labels (SMOOVE Mix)(Vinyl 7″)

WHIRLWIND D:  Without Music It’s a doubly nice slice of vinyl 7″ from B-Line Recordings next with this new single from Whirlwind D. On A-side Without Music, ‘D and another Brit-hop veteran, Micall Parknsun, go head-to-head on the subject of the redemptive power of – well – music over a soulful midtempo Djar One beat with cuts by Specifik. Flip it over meanwhile and you get a remix of another ‘D track – Labels, from a few years ago which, funnily enough, was also originally over a Djar One beat and also had Specifik contributions – on that occasion via the medium of the scratch. On this remix however, it’s all about the ‘Smoove groove’ as Berry Geordie works his magic with another soul-drenched piece of instrumentation that’s as party-fied as the original – albeit with an orchestral soul feel.
(Out now on B-Line Recordings)

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