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WHIRLWIND D feat. DJAR ONE & SPECIFIK: ‘Labels’ video

Labels, the first track to emerge from Whirlwind D’s new EP bodes well for the full release as it finds him taking a nostalgic spin through all his old twelve inches and holding forth for anyone who’ll listen about his love for hip-hop and how he got sucked into it. Naturally, if you’re going to do that sort of thing, you’ll need a good beat. Step forward Djar One who provides a mighty funk-laced, chunky b-boy groove over which D can relate “a little story that must told/ About the labels and the fables from the b-boys of old!” while Specifik gets his scratch on. Cue much rapid-fire discussion of Sugar Hill, trips to Margate (presumably for the record shops – I can’t think of another reason), Def Jam and DMC. Lovely. Labels then – doubles for your turntables then?

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