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WHATITDO ARCHIVE GROUP: Forbidden Cove / The Cashmere Chamber (Vinyl 7″)

WHATITDO ARCHIVE GROUP: Forbidden CoveRemember Whatitdo Archive Group? Been wondering what it do lately? Wonder no more, for a new single is out and a new album is in the offing for this crew of a retro-authenticist bent so curved that some completely believed that their The Black Stone Affair really was the lost soundtrack to a lost 70s spaghetti western-cum-giallo flick. The full-length album is entitled Palace Of A Thousand Sounds and drops on 5 May. This time around the band ditch the Morricone and Alessandroni-isms to explore what the PR blah is terming “mid-century exotica and library music” though from what the monkey has heard that means a lot of Bas Lexter-isms mixed up with late 60s/ early 70s library music and Middle Eastern psych and funk influences. Enter first single Forbidden Cove, the backbone of which is funky rhythms and squelchy but muted guitar wah over which wafts an orchestral, Eastern-influenced strings melody. Flip The Cashmere Chamber offers similar delights but is even more ‘cinematic’ evoking the ‘peplum’ movies of the 50s and 60s – the sort of thing, in fact, that Ugly Mac Beer might’ve sampled for his recent The Valley Of The Kings LP.

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