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WBBL: ‘Got That Feeling’ Cosby Show video (dir. DJ TANNER) (2013) + free download

Have you got that feeling? I’ve got that feeling. James Brown had that feeling too. In fact, he based his career on it. And then loads of people sampled him and based their own careers on it. If you thought the kids had had enough of JB though, think again, as the massive popularity of the ghetto funk edit of Got That Feeling by that ghetto funk weeble – (his beats WBBL but they never fall down – you know who I’m talking about) – prove once more. Anyway if you’re one of the two people on the planet who didn’t catch his freebie the other week over at not only can you cop it HERE, but DJ Tanner‘s been on the video edit again and Cosby Show‘d the whole thing – hey! Hey! Hey! Oops my bad – that was Fat Albert

?WBBL?Got That Feeling?DJ Tanner Video Edit? from DJ Tanner on Vimeo.

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