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WAX TAILOR: Craftsman + Video

WAX TAILOR: Craftsman + VideoWax Tailor’s got a new album out (Fishing For Accidents in case you missed the release) chock full of his trademark downtempo beats which are occasionally graced by rappers and/or singers and the new video is for LP track Craftsman which follows both Shaman In Your Arms from earlier in the month and November’s Freaky Circus featuring Mr Lif and Napoleon Da Legend. While ‘Craftsman’ is an instrumental tribute to the beatmaker’s craft in general and Wax Tailor’s in particular, things go a stage further on the video which takes every metaphor in existence for the process of creating sample-based music and realises them in full animated technicolour. Thus we see a Wax Tailor mannikin, splice, stitch, cut n’ paste and graft things together having also ‘found’ sounds and created his own live loops. And you thought beat-making was just ‘stealing other people’s music.’ Word to the wise, The Doors were being pursued by The Kinks’ lawyers before the SP-12 was a twinkle in the eye of E-Mu Systems.
(Out now on on Lab’Oratoire)

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