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WAR: You Got The Power (EWAN HOOZAMI edit) (2015) Free download

You Got The Power War Ewan HoozamiWar! What are they good for? Well, round about 1982 at least, the Long Beach funk band (originally partially conceived by Jimi Hendrix manager and erstwhile bassist of 60s British rock band The Animals – Eric Burdon) were mainly good for stomping four-to-the-floor disco anthems. Such as You Got The Power. Fast forward to 2015 and notorious disco jockey Ewan Hoozami‘s been giving said track numerous outings when the thought occurs to him that perhaps an edit might not be out of the question. Some time later and he’s offering you the product of his hard work for free. So the next time a ‘refreshed’ lady pesters you for ‘disco’, djs, you’ll be able to oblige – because…well…because you got the power. Cop it below…

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