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VOODOOFUNK: My Latin Way EP (2012) Free download

I don’t know if Voodoofunk has travelled each and every Latin highway but here is his My Latin Way and you won’t find me complaining. There might have been an explosion in latin breaks over the past year or two but it still hasn’t lost any of its exotic charm. In fact if you’d decided to make a latin breaks track, I think you’d have to try quite hard to fuck it up. Voodoofunk’s done three and he certainly hasn’t. Linda Negra and Mi Amor seem dead set on getting the chicas on the dancefloor and we all know what happens when that happens don’t we? That’s right – los chicos arrive. Voodoofunk knows this so he’s provided full-on latin b-boy burner – B-Boy Paco too. Works like a hoodoo charm – cop it HERE

B-boy Paco by voodoofunk

My latin way – free EP by voodoofunk

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