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VOODOOCUTS: El Chino/ Mambo Mambo (Vinyl 7″)

VOODOOCUTS: El ChinoLook out – it’s maracas at dawn time as Voodoocuts returns with Juice On Wax Vol. 2 and a double helping of Latin action!  A man with form when it comes to edits and extensive experience of source material that hails from Caribbean to boot, his new drop follows 2017’s Vol. 1 B-side reboot of Nico Gomez’ Loopita with double Latin action on 45 – El Chino b/w Mambo Mambo. The former reboots a vintage salsa cut, applying breakbeat heft and subtle FX while the latter applies the same process to a mambo cut (not the Lou Bega one of the same name) guaranteeing a major outbreak of shimmying amongst everyone in earshot that no amount of shots will prevent.
(Pre-order now/ Out 8 October HERE)
TEXT COPYRIGHT: Stone Monkey/ (2021)

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