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VARIOUS: Soul Braza – Brazilian 60’s & 70’s Soul Psych Vol 1 – Album (2011) + tracklist

Couldn’t let this puppy go by without a mention – the label releasing this isn’t called No Smoke for nothing. Soul Braza is fire and yet another reason why this May is a five star month for music. How can you not love a female vox funk-soul version of Hey Joe where the only recognisable words are ‘Hey Joe’? Finally, native English speakers get to see what it’s like to have to mumble along to a song with incomprehensible lyrics. Except the chorus which they can joyfully shout instead since it’s only two words and they recognise them. Make the most of it though since, as far as I can make out, it’s the only song on here with any lyrics you’re going to recognise unless you speak Portuguese. Look out for Eduardo Araujo’s ‘Brazilian James Brown’ vocals over a psych-rocked-out funk number, Tony E Frankye’s Brazilian impersonation of Sly Stone on Vou Procurar O Meu Lugar and Gustavo’s soul strut Nao Vou Ficar among others. If you hear Soul Braza you’ll probably want it and if you get it, you’ll probably be singing along to it. All the same, it’s probably best not to do that in front of any Brazilians or Portuguese though, in case you look a twat. Tracklist below player…

Soul Braza – Brazilian 60’s & 70’s Soul Psych Vol 1 – tracklist
1. Eduardo Araujo – Juazeiro
2. Vanuza – hey joe
3. Toni Tornado – Deia a Partida
4. Lena Rios – Eu Sou Eu Nicori é o Diabo
5 . Wanderlea – Vida Maneira
6. Tony e Frankye – Vou Procurar o Meu Lugar
7. The Jones – Hey mina
8. Trio Ternura – Sempre Existe
1. Flavio Kurt – Walderez Walderéa
2. Edy Star – A Bem Da Verdade
3. Lena Rios – Sem Essa Aranha
4. Antonio Carlos and Jocafi – Ina
5. The Pop’s – Que Isso Menina
6. Gustavo – Não Vou Ficar
7. Ely – Eclipse Total
8. Manito – Sock It To Em

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