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VARIOUS: Record Kicks Xmas Free Download Compilation (2013)

Milan-based label Record Kicks round off a whole year of celebrating ten years in the game with this fourteen-track compilation available for free download until 6 January. The Record Kicks Xmas Free Download Compilation (to give it its full snappy title) features big cuts from the label’s history along with remixes and bonus tracks. It’s worth getting your hands on it for The Crabs Corporation’s Jennie Matthias-featuring neo-ska classic Let It Go from 2010 alone, while other highlights include the very funky seasonal opener Soulful Christmas from Ray Lugo – also from 2010 – and B-Dub’s excellent remix of Ray Harris’s Scaramunga released in – you guessed it – 2010. What was it about 2010? Why it’s enough to make you grow a third nipple – oh wait – that was Scaramanga…Only free ’til 6 January though – get on it!

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