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VARIOUS: Music To Cook To (2014)

Music To Cook To Jon Kennedy FederationHere’s the new compilation on Jon Kennedy’s Jon Kennedy Federation label – Music To Cook To. The sixteen tracker has been put together by Czech beat curator Tancící Kuchyni – a man who knows his onions (not to mention his broken beat from his breakbeat and his nu-jazz from his trip-hop) with the express purpose (according to Googletranslate) of creating, “a special selection of songs that into your kitchen and cooking bring a pleasant atmosphere. And while you also enjoy the latest trends in high-quality music, all in the spirit of make youself complete, which is the main mission of dancing kitchen.” Maybe it should be called Borattranslate. That notwithstanding, it’s a quality downtempo selection chilled enough to ensure you don’t hack off any fingers with your Sabatier blade and remain glacially calm even after that souffle collapses in front of your eyes. Even though you followed Jamie’s bastard instructions. to. the. letter. It’s all about DJ Ezi’s Monty’s Cello and the final JK track, Style, which could well have featured on a Music To Dress To sequel. Time to get on the naked woman apron!
(Out now on Jon Kennedy Federation)

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