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VARIOUS: Funk N’ Beats Vol. 2: Beatvandals (2015)

Beatvandals Funk N Beats Volume 2The Bombstrikes label gears up for another devastating sortie over breakbeat-land with the sequel to 2013’s Funk N Beats comp. What to call it though? Oohh – I know – Funk N Beats Volume 2: Beatvandals! Why ‘Beatvandals’? Because label co-founder Beatvandals has curated the thing and provided a continuous mix alongside the twenty-five tracks consisting of re-mastered and re-edited label classics plus some newies. The sampler is locked and loaded with cuts from A Skillz & Beat Vandals’ Real Elements-featuring Simply Playing, the Beatvandals remix of Mooqee & Herbgrinder’s Sound Around Town, Soopasoul’s Rufus Thomas rework Funky Hot Grits and Martin Solveig’s I’m A Good Man in its Mousse T breakbeat mix incarnation – which may well make you horny. But what do we notice that all these tracks have in common with one of the labels most synonymous with wobble and grind? Er – there isn’t much at all. Discuss. It gets props over here…
(Juno Download exclusive 20 November on Bombstrikes; out elsewhere on 4 December)

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