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VARIOUS: Esterno Notte Vol. 2/ Esterno Notte Jazz/ Esterno Giorno Estate

Library music fiends unite! Four Flies Records have capitalised on the success of their Esterno Notte and Esterno Giorno compilations of rare and unreleased 60s and 70s Italian cinema soundtrack material with three more volumes: Esterno Notte Vol. 2, Esterno Giorno Vol. 2 and Esterno Notte Jazz. Where the original volumes had dug from the RCA Italy vaults, the net is spread wider on the new volumes. Esterno Notte Vol. 2 provides car-chase thrills with a mixture of jazz-funk and psych tracks, Esterno Giorno Vol. 2 takes these elements in a Latin and bossa direction while Esterno Notte Jazz is, well, it’s jazzy inna 60s stylee. All three comps. are available on 180 gram vinyl (as well as cd) and quite clearly, of course, a source of fat breaks as well as being a rare pleasure to listen to in their own right.
(Out now on Four Flies Records)

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