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VARIOUS: Block Rockin Bulabeats (2015)

Block Rockin BulabeatsThere’s only a few weeks before the year closes – which means party time is expanding exponentially. What else to do then, if you are the Bulabeats label, but come back with another one of those Block Rockin Bulabeats. Or better still four of them. Thus Crashgroove wobbles-up Marlena Shaw on Ghetto Girl and the splendidly-named Barry Krishna has not a single problem providing this EP’s comedown classic with a trippy, glitchy bootleg of a certain Jay-Z cut. Label boss Johnnypluse is on finest form however with the Bruno-friendly Funkytime and Blind Tap Dancer which joins the dots between Renegades Of Jazz and The Prodigy.
(Out now on Bulabeats)

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