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Various: BBP Remixed (2013)

Apparently May is international ghetto funk/ nufunk/ breaks remix month for here is Badboe‘s heavyweight scene label Breakbeat Paradise with twelve of the best from the BBP library getting a rework. Perhaps unsurprisingly, among those being remixed are some of the remixers. That’ll be Tom Drummond, Jayl Funk and Badboe himself – of course – after all, what kind of man throws a party and then doesn’t turn up to his own event? However not even Boe gets the pleasure of remixing himself – that honour lies only with Jayl Funk.

Naturally you’ll be expecting an array of assorted flavours of bass music shenanigans and you won’t be disappointed. The BBP Remixed bus pulls in at every stop between old school breakbeat (Tom Drummond’s refix of Fretless’s Report) and Infamous‘s 140 bpm jungle/ dubstep hybrid. Of course musically though we are predominantly driving through that place which has widely come to be known as ghetto funk, though strictly speaking, few of the numbers on this rely on what, in recent years, has become that defining bass wobble. Not that you won’t get that though. Opener, Morlack‘s Freak Hop reboot, might start off deceptively disco-funky but a third of the way in you get hit by the bass grinder. And if it’s that you want you’ll find much more on Jiggyjoe‘s Calagad13 refix which goes all dubstep in the latter half and Jazz K Lipa‘s DnB reboot of Fretless’s Let Go The Past.

Prize for the most surprising inclusion has to go to a neo-soulful 2-step garage re-versioning of DJ Rudd’s Shake It Out – a direction which, suggests the producer is missing out on a lucrative superclub career. The culprit? Badboe himself. The big joker. Redemption comes in the form of his thumping great ghetto funk retweak of Kool Hertz’s Linda Lyndell-sampling Whatta Joint however, one of the strongest tracks on the release. Omegaman also comes up trumps with a funky big-ass take on Badboe’s My Bad and Nynfus Corporation make good on the promise of the title with their angle on Calagad13‘s I Can Make You Dance. BBP Remixed then – a one-stop shop for all your twenty-first century funky bass music needs.
(Out now on BBP)

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