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VARIOUS: All Shook Up (2012)…

…or what happened when everyone and their grandmother’s pet puppy begged Renegades Of Jazz for a remix so they could get in on a bit of his b-boy breakin’ ‘northern jazz’ action. Well you would wouldn’t you? Can you imagine getting remixed by ‘conformists of jazz.’ Jesus – that’d be my worst nightmare. Well…that and being the victim of sadistic torture or something. Luckily for the artists on this, ROJ (a.k.a. David Hanke) was available. Those artists range from experimental hip-hop astronauts Herma Puma, jazzbo-funkers Nick Pride & The Pimptones, and ghetto funker Basement Freaks. Oh yeah and b-boy breaks merchants Mash & Munkee. Hang on – isn’t David Hanke in them too? That’s right, he’s been so impressed with his own shit (admittedly with some justification) that he’s remixed himself. Best cuts are the aforementioned Herma Puma and Mash & Munkee re-sprays – but also the rerubs of Bajka’s sultry The Barrister’s Dream and Ray Harris & The Fusion Experience’s latin spy theme Scaramunga. Or should that be Shcaramunga. Which sounds a lot like Shcaramanga. He’s got three nipples you know. Scaramanga. Not David Hanke.
(Out 14 May on Hiperbole Records)

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