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UMBO: Grits / 23h (RESENSE 057)(Vinyl 7″)

Good to see the Resense edits label continue to pump out the quality – here manifesting in the form of Resense 057 – both sides courtesy of Umbo. But who is he editing? Well, this time around, Matthew, Umbo’s come as funk-soul legend Little Milton. On side A, the title track of Milton’s ’69 LP, Grits & Groceries gets a boost while side B flips the same album’s Twenty Three Hours. Neither of the originals were any slouch when it came to the dancefloor but neither were they backed by the chunkiest of drum breaks either. Umbo’s made sure they are now though and EQ’d that bass a bit louder too. Not too much though – you should be able to slot these into a vintage funk set with a broad-minded crowd as easily as including them in a party-breakbeat one.
(Out now on Resense)

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