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TURNTILL & MERLIN feat. DOPPIA ERRE & SKY 189: Break A Day (2017)

[RATING: 5] Looks like it’s not just The Allergies and Andy Cooper who’ve got Get Down fever in the last few weeks – for here is the new one from Chosen Few crew members Turntill & Merlin featuring Doppia Erre and Sky 189Break A Day. Alright, so The Get Down is set in 1978 and Break A Day lyrically eulogises 1989 but there’s more than a little block party feel to this drop – on the original version in particular which alternates raps with a disco-ish female vocal. Kid Stretch on the other hand goes straight for the b-boy vote with frantic breaks drenched in bongos and some Les Baxter-ish guitars while Funky Boogie Brothers use of organs and simpler boom-bap drums is probably the most 1989 of all five remixes. Dubra & Arteo and B-Side both slide electro-wards, the former in a more contemporary way, the latter in a more old school way while Quincy Jointz rounds things up with a minimal nu-funky breaks type thing. Surely this needs to be out on wax? It is! Hurrah for BBP – still living the wax dream on all twelve inches of the proper hip-hop vinyl format.
(Out 7 April on Breakbeat Paradise)

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