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TRU FUNK: Tasty Beats Vols. 9 and 10 (2016)

Tasty Beats Vol 9 Vol 10 Tru FunkAfter a six month hiatus, here’s the Tru Funk label to wrap up their successful Tasty Beats series before heading off on another hiatus. I like to imagine they’re off somewhere hot, sitting by the pool, pina coladas in their hands surrounded by beach babes. Bloody hell – it’s all right for some isn’t it? Assuming of course that is what they’re up to. Er – anyway, it’s Tasty Beats Vol. 9 that finishes the series proper – at least in the sense that it’s the last new set of booty breaks. Arteo gives us the latent ghetto funk in Juicy J’s Low, Slugware gives us the glitch-funk of Fast Scribble, TF regular Warson gives us some early-2000s powered party breaks with the assistance of J.R., that man Del Monty gives in to The Temptations on Ain’t Too Proud, and finally Azzar gives in to the dark side with the pounding house of Temptation.

Finishing the Tasty Beats series in the sense of being the final volume however is the mammoth twenty track best of/ retrospective type thingy that is Vol. 10. That’ll be twenty of the best then over the series’ two year history and featuring such delights as a DJ Maars reggae/hip-hop banger, a funk-fuelled Shaka Loves You mash, a sly-as-hell Funkosol edit, a brace of Jayl Funk-y cuts, latin-rap funtime from Bruno Borlone & Boogie Mike, minimalist farty bass n breaks from El Bomba, a fat JB edit from BMD and a frankly batshit piece of Jungle Soul which was the first outing from Mako & Mr Bristow…
(Out now on Tru Funk)

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