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TRU FUNK: Tasty Beats Vol. 4 (2014)

Tasty Beats Vol. 4 Tru Funk“Give me a muthafuckin breakbeat!” Alright, keep your hair on, here’s five – and the second one – DJ Axe’s disco-breakin Breakbeat Junkies – starts with those very words. It’s the latest Tru Funk drop of course, as the label keeps the party breaks scene flavoursome for late autumn with Tasty Beats Vol. 4. If the audio equivalent of cleaning your ears with a power drill is what you’re after, then you may wish to consider Rory Hoy‘s work with Saxon Scoundrels Bouncin’ & Rockin. Then again maybe you prefer the nexus of P-funk and manga soundtracks that consitutes ElectroGorilla‘s Funky Beast. Finally, there are the cuts that bookend the compilation and the structuralists amongst you may already have noticed that we open with class (Bruno Borlone and Boogie Mike bringing the latin funk) and close with cheese as The Beat Selecta mixes up Hijack’s rap aca The Badman Is Robbin (favourite of 90s hardcore producers) with a bit of Snoop’s Batman & Robin in a dnb stylee for drunk o’clock action. Pow!
(Out now on Tru Funk)

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