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TRU FUNK: Nu Party Breaks (Essential Selection)(2014)

Nu Party Breaks Essential Selection Tru FunkAs the festival season reaches it’s August peak and the number of releases reduces commensurately while artists swan off to sun-kissed fields to peddle their stock-in-trade while receiving free love and free drugs, when better (if you’re a label) to release a label retrospective? Enter Tru Funk’s Nu Party Breaks (Essential Selection) – the sort of thing that in the seventies would undoubtedly have been named something like Tru Funk Gold: The Very Best Of Tru Funk. This would have been released in double LP format with a soft focus cover on which the featured artists were depicted lounging naked (or at least tastefully draped with silk bathrobes), brandy and cigars in hand at the Playboy mansion. Disappointingly, there’s no such image for this though clearly Chudy and co. have plumped for a gold logo (they were thinking ‘gold’ even if they didn’t name it ‘gold’) and you’ll have to make do with a twenty two track digi-release. On the plus side however, this does give you a chance to catch up on the glitter of things you may have missed such as Fajita Funk’s Edwin’s Phat Man, Funky Boogie Brothers’ Street Jam and Lebrosk & Delimentary’s B-Boy Drop
(Out now on Tru Funk)

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