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TRAMP RECORDS: Movements 7 (2015)

Movements 7 Tramp RecordsIt’s lucky number seven for the long-running funk, soul, jazz, rnb compilation series from Bavarian diggers supreme, Tramp Records, and the word this time around is very much ‘jazzy.’ How jazzy are we talking though? Jazzier than Miles Davis’ at band practice? Jazzier than jazz hands at improvisational hour down the jazz club? Jazzier than the jazziest of jazz mags on the jazz mag stall at the Monterey International Jazz Festival? Let’s just say that the focus on Vol. 7 of Movements is stuff that wouldn’t be sniffed at by visitors to the latter – and only a few of them would be likely to have heard any of the tracks on this anyway.

All joking aside, while the focus on this is much more on the jazzy side of things it’s predominantly soul jazz that we’re talking about and things are firmly locked in the groove, you dig? We begin in the Fever-ish territory of Dorothy Ramsay’s He’s A Real Gone Guy, get fully ‘jazz club’ for the Bob Brown Quartet’s Dells Bells and then the best section of the LP kicks off. The Bob Hines trio’s Dasheka is a frantic slice of sax-led, organ-underpinned instro soul-jazz-funk, the Steven Mason Trio keep things Hammond-groovy for the mods and then it all gets a bit bluesy at the end with Lee Mitchell, Shelly Fisher and The Eminent Stars – the latter of whom have either been around a lot longer than anyone previously suspected, or Tramp have sneaked on a cut from their current signings – The Eminent Stars! What are the chances? Did I mention this was quite jazzy?
(Out now on Tramp Records)

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