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TRAMP RECORDS: Feeling Nice Vol. 3 (2013)

Feeling Nice Vol 3 Tramp[RATING: 5] Are you feeling nice? Are you sporting the beaming grin of a German knitwear model circa 1972? If you are, you must have heard the promo of the next in Tramp Records’ occasional series compiling super-rare funk and soul from the 60s and 70s. If you aren’t – you will be when you have heard Feeling Nice Vol. 3.. Why? Because once again Tramp crate-digger supremos Tobias Kirmayer and Daniel Wanders have scoured the thrift shops and dusty private collections of long forgotten stateside local soul heroes (and the odd bigger name) for a seventeen deep set of criminally overlooked funk and soul.

The opener – William Cummings’ low slung groove, pimp-swaying groove Your Soul Searching Love – is merely the calm before the storm of career potty-mouth Clarence ‘Blowfly’ Reid who is up next with the expletive-free I Get My Kicks which – er – kicks – off with a big horns fanfare before heading for straight-up funky soul heater territory. Subsequently, there’s everything from crusty old funk like stripped-back, laid-back, barnyard-funk version of The Isley Brothers classic It’s Your Thing by Oladepo Ogomodede and Ellen Jackson’s Getto Boogie to slick car-chase blaxploitation action from Saint John (Stand-Up Baby) and Soul Express’s wah-wah n horns-drenched Determination pts. 1 and 2. Other highlights include
a stank, organ-fuelled dancefloor cut from Jesse Morgan called I Gotta Get Back, the closer (Billy Bailey’s uptempo burner You Better Stop) and Leroy & The Drivers’ The Sad Chicken – the intro for which was long-ago sampled by no less than Prince Paul for Gravediggaz’ Niggamortis intro – Just When You Thought It Was Over. And if that lot doesn’t make you feel nice, nothing will.
(Out now on Tramp Records)

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