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TRACKS HAVEN: Dangervibez

TRACKS HAVEN: DangervibezLockdown too tame for you? Unphazed at the prospect of being sucked into a terrifying black hole located somewhere in the Cummings nebula along with morality and the truth? Don’t sweat it! Tracks Haven provide sonic shelter from boredom with new single Dangervibez. Unlike a Scummings press conference, the boys begin with no delay whatsoever blasting straight into clattery drum breaks and cinematic horns and then, barely half a minute in, suddenly veer off to Barnard Castle – sorry – I mean bleepy electronica before returning to the breaks n horns. That’ll be the verse-chorus elements then – or perhaps chorus-verse – it’s an instrumental after all. Either way, the track happily flips from full-on action to brooding contemplation quicker than it takes to say ‘career sociopath’ which is to say, at the drop of a beanie hat.
(Out 5 June on Fabyl)

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