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TOTALCULT: For Funk’s Sake EP (2011) + Cyaan Rock Steady – free download

Calling your EP For Funk’s Sake? You’d have to be a total cult to do something like that. And damn if that isn’t exactly what’s happened – for here is Totalcult with his new EP For Funk’s Sake and isn’t it well-named? Nu funk and bass-poppin’ disco influences hop into bed on Funk Is Free and hip-hop and disco get at it on Ain’t We Funkin Now. Things get a bit more clavinet-y, p-funk squelchy on the hip-hop sampling P-Funky and TC wraps it up with India’s Invisible Man an uptempo serving of tabla-thumpin’, curryhouse-bhangra-sampling breakbeat. This last one doesn’t come with complimentary lemon-scented flannels and a chocolate mint because Totalcult is a more expansive man than that. Indeed, never one to do things by halves, he’s decided to give away a DJ ready 320 kbps download of the Cyaan Rock Steady (quite possibly MB’s favourite Totalcult track) in all its full six-minute, Digitek-featuring glory – see second player below (DL link in r-hand side). Banger!
(Out now on Royal Soul Records)

For Funk’s Sake EP (Royal Soul Records) by tOtALcULt

tOtALcULt – Cyaan Rock Steady by tOtALcULt

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    1. Sorry guv – looks like Totalcult has either removed the DL link or it’s reached it’s limit on soundcloud. Why not give the man a shout on soundcloud?

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