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TOSSES & VARVEZ feat. MISSIN RED: The Music That I Love

Tosses & Varvez‘s new one is The Music That I Love and it’s all about the synths. Oh what – swirly, ethereal washes? All wafting about like Air in the realm of the cloud people? Not really, no. More like those really pissed off zombie Dobermans in the first Resident Evil film. If they were synths. Opener, and title track The Music That I Love is a skankin synth-snarly midtempo affair featuring a female vocal hook from Missin Red. On the remix, Jazz K Lipa switches up the offbeat and makes things even more dubby. Marble Block drops a punishing industrial strength break that weighs like one and the funky, nasty synth-growly Quattro stomps around looking to fuck anyone up who says it sounds like the bastard offspring of ancient Chemical Brothers and Crystal Method material with the aid of chops from B-Real’s ‘Men Of Steel’ collab with Ice Cube, Peter Gunz, KRS-One and Shaq. East coast, west coast – universal flava!
(Out now on BigM)

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