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TOO MANY T’s: The T.P. Remixed (2013)

No wait! Stop – what are you doing! It’s good new party hip-hop – does it really need a ghetto-funk remi-…oh. Too late. In truth, there was never any chance of Too Many Ts not getting remixed by the Ghetto Funk crew – in this case WBBL, D:End, Lewd Behaviour, Tonic, BSide. And it’s every bit the grinding, snarling collection of hammer synths and crashing breaks you might expect. And then some. So cacophonous is the result in fact that it’s the very thing for playing outside your neighbour’s open window the morning after they kept you awake with drunken shouting at 3 a.m. To utterly destroy the hungover brain I recommend BSide’s take on Boom-bap
(Out now on Ghetto Funk)

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