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TOM SHOWTIME: Soul Alchemy (2015)

Soul Alchemy Tom ShowtimeTom Showtime is all set to drop his Universal Funk EP very shortly but before he does so – get a taste of his hip-hop magic with new single Soul Alchemy. It’s an all-original bump featuring N’Fa Jones, Mose and D’Afro and lyrics about life being something of a bitch, that chugs along on a boom-bap beat with acoustic guitar underpinned by rumbling bass. There are no fewer than four
remixes with both Skomes and Billy Hoyle plumping for Rhodes piano-drenched beats while Showtime cohort DJ Maars and Lotek go for skanking vibes in a draw for best mix. Maars is on an original reggae tip while Lotek goes a bit more digi-dub to excellent effect.
(Out now on Groove Penguin Records)

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