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TOM SHOWTIME feat. 1/6 & Class A: Birds Of Paradise (2016)

birds-of-paradise-tom-showtime-class-aBirds Of Paradise – not those tropical avians with the lairy plumage nor the Bristol florist, nor even the infamous Bristol massage parlour that shares the same name – but the latest drop from Tom Showtime – a limited edition 45 no less, straight outta Melbourne and featuring the lyrical talents of 1/6 and Class A. The A-side title track turns on an atmospheric horns motif and minimal keys over crisp boom-bap beats in the upper 90 bpms while lyrics pay tribute to a nameless hottie. Over on the flip, Why Fly, it’s all about the jazzy double bass with some more minimal keys and a rhyming exploration of breaking up. Possibly with the nameless hottie from side A. No-one wants to end on a downer though so it’s lucky you can always flip them over and give the other side a good seeing to again. I refer of course to the record. Get your minds out of the gutter.
(Out now on Groove Penguin Records)

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