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TOM CARUANA: Wu-Orleans Vol. 1-3

Hot damn, he’s done it again! Tom Caruana that is – with yet another epic hip-hop mash-up album. Well, three albums to be precise since this latest inspired effort comes in that number of volumes. But what is our man’s source material this time you ask? ‘Exquisite Bayou Funk blended with Shaolin’s Finest? The Wu-Tang
again?! To which the monkey replies hell yes, the Wu-Tang again but this time paired not with the Beatles as on 2011’s now legendary The Magical Mystery Chambers, nor Jimi Hendrix on the even more mighty Black Gold but instead the funky sound of New Orleans. Yep – beats chopped out of all your favourite NOLA funk artists – The Meters, Allen Toussaint, Eddie Bo, Salt, Dr John, Eddie Bo, Lee Dorsey, Reuben Bell and a whole gumbo of others totalling a humungous fifty-five cuts – including a couple of different versions of one or two tracks.  Hell, that’s more than he put out on the two volumes of his An Adventure To Pepperland Through Rhyme & Space Beatles V Hip-hop legends LP back in 2015!

Of course, if you’re mashing up Wu-Tang Clan and New Orleans funk there’s only one possible name for the concept – Wu-Orleans – or more accurately Wu-Orleans Vols. 1-3. You can probably see what he did there and tempting as it is to speculate that that name might have been thought of before the music was put together – the listening experience does not disappoint expectations.  Ok – so you might have already heard a few of the ‘pellas on this one on some of Caruana’s previous Wu-featuring projects but make no mistake, this is an effort to rank alongside and indeed rival any of his previous mashup LP efforts – the monkey hasn’t listened to anything else since copping it from TC’s bandcamp mashup page where you can find it at a ‘name your price’ deal.    He’s promising physical versions of this release and wants feedback on what to include so don’t be shy about letting the man know, though it might take you a month or so until you’ve worked your way through everything enough to know. All I’m saying is – any chance of some forty-fives as well as LP(s)?
(Out now HERE)

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