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TOM CARUANA: Forget Me Not (Uluru 10)(Vinyl 7″)

TOM CARUANA:  Forget Me Not ([RATING: 5] Doesn’t matter if he’s knocking up something original or knocking out something cheeky, Tom Caruana has become a byword for hip-hop quality – in this case, reggae-hip-hop quality as well. ‘This,’ of course, being Uluru 10 which has inexplicably not yet sold out – and features classic Wu bars on two different reggae hip-hop riddims plus a third cut lifted from TC’s Wu-Beatles classic mash-up LP, Enter The Magical Mystery Chambers. You get the just over four minute-long Forget Me Not on Side A (which also features a bit of John Lennon dialogue) and The Movement and Smith Bros on Side B. Which one’s the monkey’s favourite? Which one’ll be your favourite? It’s too exciting at the moment to decide! If you dug Caruana’s Beatles vs Wu-Tang Enter The Magical Mystery Chambers, his Beatles vs hip-hop legends An Adventure To Pepperland Through Rhyme And Space or his Wu vs Jimi Hendrix effort Black Gold, and wished you had something of similar ilk on 45 – you’ll be all over this like screaming Beatles fans at a bed-in.
(Out now on Uluru Records)

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