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TIMOTHY WISDOM: On My Mind EP (2013)

ReSoul Records employ a certain Wisdom to create their latest funky breaks release which he does without resorting to wobble or even much grind but neverthless in a party stylee. Put The Stereo On reworks Gappy Ranks in a pumping, skanking disco funk manner while On My Mind refluffs George Duke’s Reach Out in a pumping disco breaks manner. But how does he do it all wearing a suit two sizes too small and all the appearance of someone who couldn’t find his ass with both hands? “Mr Grimsdale! Mr Grimsdale!” You what? Oh riiiiight! My bad – this is Timothy Wisdom. Well, it’s an easy mistake to make – they’ve both been known to wear a flat cap. Timothy Wisdom then – dab hand on the decks – just don’t ask him to deliver the milk…
(Out now on ReSoul Records)

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